Welcome to my College Writing Blog!


Hello! My name is Ernest. Pleased to meet you!

This is the start of a wondrous journey of delightful stories and magical tales! I know you must be dying to read all my delicately crafted masterpieces, so go on my friends! Explore the world set in front of you!

If you are a beggar, if you are a whistler, if you are a student just like me, if you are bored, or if you are just curious as to what lies ahead….

Come on in! Come! Come!

Anticipate nothing but my best works and writings!

On the menu  to the left, there are 5 original poems, 3 original writing pieces, and 5 famous poetry pieces for the semester 2 final project. please note that the pieces are all available on the sidebar menu and are categorized into semester 1 and 2.


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